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Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:

Small Business and Individual Tax Planning and Compliance Services

At Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow and keep you on track to your financial goals. Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws. We are knowledgeable and up to date on the tax laws and can make sense of your business and personal tax situation.

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Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation

Effective estate and trust planning can ensure financial security for loved ones. For businesses, it can maintain a smooth succession of ownership. Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC's role is to help you navigate the complex and shifting tax laws to facilitate the transfer of assets and minimize the tax liability of your beneficiaries. Everyone should have a well-thought-out plan as to how to distribute the assets left in one's estate so as to avoid complications and to be sure that the individual’s wishes are followed. Having your taxes and estate thoroughly and carefully planned will ensure that your loved ones don't have any complications to deal with during a time of loss.

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Financial Life Planning

Financial Life Planning is the process of discovering the full life you want to live and making it happen. Brad Tafoya will work one on one with you to fully understand your life's dreams, hopes and passions and your relationship with money. Then, working through any potential obstacles and putting it all together with your finances, he helps create the solutions that will help finance your future life. Solutions that are passion based and supported by your specific financial situation.

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Financial and Retirement Planning

Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC's goal is to help you reach your financial goals and maintain financial independence through a comfortable retirement. We can guide you through tough decision-making processes such as college education funding, retirement plans, insurance, and tax, estate, and business succession planning. The road to retirement is a long one and we can help you to take the proper steps to reach your goals.

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Business Advisory Services

At Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC, we focus on building close client relationships that add long-term value. This includes educating clients on best practices, assuring the solidity of financial records, evaluating financial procedures and working to produce strategies that help our clients face the myriad challenges of business planning and execution. Our clients benefit from objective analysis and strategic planning that provides insight, direction, and knowledge to succeed. Our goal is to empower and educate our clients to become tax efficient and financially savvy.  

These services include but are not limited to best practices and coaching in the following areas:

  • Business Operations and Documentation
  • Entity Struture Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Company Fringe Benefits
  • Rental Property Operations
  • Debt structuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transaction structuring and negotiations
  • Succession Planning

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IRS Representation

Professional representation can be vital during an audit, and our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients in their dealings with federal and state agencies. If you have been chosen for an audit, the professional representation you can find with our firm can put many of your worries at bay. We are ready and willing to answer any and all questions the IRS may be asking of you.

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