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Teaching Financial Literacy for Future Success!

Posted by Admin Posted on Apr 23 2014

Tafoya Barrett & Associates accountants Leah Bathen and Heidi Holland worked with "Know Your Dough" teaching seniors at Durango High School about financial literacy. The six-session class is part of Junior Achievement’s  mission to prepare young people to succeed in making personal financial decisions.  Junior Achievement focuses on three key content areas: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness.

“I have been volunteering to teach students for five years now,” says Heidi.  “I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the students. It’s important students graduating high school to learn and understand how finances and financial decisions affect life.” And Leah adds, “I think there is great value in providing students with an understanding of how the financial and economic world works. Junior Achievement provides professionals and students an incredible opportunity to work together and introduce topics that will impact the students throughout their entire lives.”