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April 15 Tax Deadline Extended!

Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 20 2020


April 15 Tax Deadline Extended!

As you may have heard, The Treasury Department announced today that the April 15 filing deadline is also being extended to July 15.   What this means is that you now have until July 15 to both pay and file your taxes.  Again while this news will be beneficial and a relief to many, we understand that many of you will still want to file as soon as possible.

Accordingly our team met this morning (most of us remotely via zoom) and discussed how to best handle this new deadline, keeping in mind the safety of ourselves, clients and community.  What we decided as a team is to hit a bit of a pause for a day or two, to collect ourselves, check in on our loved ones and then get back to business mostly as usual.  Like you, we have family and friends that have been impacted significantly by all of this and a slight pause will allow us to help them if we can.

From there, we have decided that we will continue to work hard (including some overtime), but maybe not quite as hard as usual.  We still want to get as many returns done by April 15 as we can (assuming that we are healthy).  We will then take our normal spring break to recoup and recover and then start up again at a normal pace to continue to push to the new July 15 deadline.  We feel fortunate to be able to continue to work during this time when many can’t.

With all of that in mind, we will continue to work on returns on a first in first out basis, meaning those that got their information to us first will be worked on first.  We have always tried to complete all returns turned into us by February 28 by April 15.  Please understand that this might be more difficult this year with all the uncertainty and that some returns that came in before February 28 will not get done by April 15.

Once again, as we reported in a previous update we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that our office is as clean and safe as possible.  In addition, most of us are working remotely to limit the number of people in the office.   To protect us, you and our community, we would also like to encourage you to use your secure online portal, fax, mail and email as much as possible and only come into the office if absolutely necessary.  Again, for now, our office is open to receive mail and document drop off, but we hope you will help us in limiting foot traffic.   And as a reminder, we can also deliver your returns via mail or through your portal.

Now that we have a little time to breathe, we can also turn our attention to the flood of resources that we have been getting to help small businesses and their employees during this difficult time.  We know that many of you are being forced to close your business and lay off staff and that is heartbreaking news to us.  We will spend the next couple of days understanding the resources available and issue an announcement with summaries of that information as soon as we can.

Again the safety of you our clients and our staff is of utmost importance during this time.  We sincerely appreciate your patience, trust and business during these trying times!  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Pat, Michelle, Brad T., Brad W., Chris, Kelsey, Matt, Theresa, Marian, Cindy and Gaby