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Good Food Collective Volunteer Day!

Posted by Admin Posted on Oct 31 2019

October 17th, 2019 - Employees of Tafoya Barrett and Associates headed out to Bayfield to pick apples for the Good Food Collective! What is the Good Food Collective? It’s a nonprofit organization based in the La Plata and Montezuma areas. The organization aims to support local farmers and bridge the gap between excess, fresh, local food and the community—using this locally produced food to create jobs, build up our economy, and feed our people. 

Without volunteers, these apples would simply fall to the ground and go to waste. But instead, these apples went to places like Pine River Shares in Bayfield and Jon Ott’s in Hermosa. 

How many apples went to these places? We didn’t count them one by one (despite our love of numbers) but we DID weigh the apples and picked nearly 200 LBS worth!


Thank you to Rachel and Halle in the Good Food Collective for showing us the ropes and picking apples with us. We had a grand time!


If you want to know more about the Good Food Collective, feel free to visit their website here:

The Good Food Collective