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Tackling trail work with Trails 2000

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 06 2015

Recently, our staff volunteered with Trails 2000 and helped create a new trail in Horse Gulch.  We had been looking forward to working with Trails 2000 and when the initial date of our project rolled around, the weather forced us to postpone.  Two weeks later we were eager to meet Dewayne (our Trails 2000 leader) and get to work.

Trails 2000 is a local trails non profit, located here in Durango.  They help build, maintain, and educate the community on trails. The incredible work they do building and maintaining trails is based solely on the help they receive from volunteers.  Helping to lead groups, ranging from high school students to local office staff's like ours, Trails 2000 educates on how to build new trails and cover old trails with the least amount of disturbance to the natural environment.


Building trails is no easy task, and our group of 10 volunteers learned that very quickly.  Dewayne led us up to the trail we would be working on and gave us a rundown on the different types of tools we would be using and gave a saftey talk.  Then we got to it! We spent the morning building the new trail and covering the two previous trails that had been washed out.  We were exhausted!

Working with Trails 2000 was such educational experience and we all felt very accomplished when our little section of trail was complete.  We were even fortunate enough to witness the first rider to use the new trail.  Trails 2000 took great care of us while we were out there, providing not only the tools and safety protection, but also with plenty of drinks to keep us hydrated in the heat and snacks to keep us energized.

There were plenty of bikers out on the trails that morning and so many took the time to thank us for our work on the trail.  It just shows how truly connected this community is and Trails 2000 continually works on building that connection.  We had a blast working with Trails 2000 and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.